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New features on the site.

Notes : March 2015
Migrated from godaddy dedicated hosting to a different dedicated server provider.

Notes : Oct, 2013
Mass Clearout of dead/parked/unsuitable blogs started.
Updated google ads to async, to improve loading time.
Bing Webmaster Tools in use.
Various admin improvements. Improved 404 error handling, to keep google happy. Removed some links from the details pages in a few categories.

Notes : July, 2008
Migrated from virtual private server to Dedicated server..

Notes : Feb, 2008
Starting to move more URLs to a more friendlier structure.
Please note, full details of all updates are on our blog.

Notes : Jan, 2008
Continuing with mass cleanup of listings. Many parked, dead or no longer updated blogs removed. Many feeds added where they were not known before.

Notes : Dec 28, 2007
Search facility improved again. See blog for details.

Notes : Dec 27, 2007
Many minor updates completed, fixed validation issues, moved to xhtml strict on most pages. International character problems fixed as far as I can see.

Notes : Nov 16th 2007
Pagination of results improved in some areas, more to follow. Search results improved. Many dead blogs removed. Many not updated for a long time blogs removed. Charset/Encoding changes on site to improve viewability. Queue is now less than 5.3 thousand blogs.
Apologies to all who are waiting in the queue, I will get to you as soon as I can.
Notes : older, undated from this point.See blog for full details of the rest of these.
Due to experiencing quite a few problems on the site, I have moved it over to a new server, the old hosting was just not up to it :( The move seems to have gone well, with minimal downtime, its a lot faster now, so thats better all round (and it means I can get through the queue faster!)
Apologies to all who are waiting in the queue, I will get to you as soon as I can.
LS Blogs own blog is back, after remembering how many spam comments the first blog received I have decided to turn comment moderation on, so you can comment, but only non-spam comments will be accepted. Most of the updates on the site will be commented on in the blog, this page is just a quick overview of major updates and improvements, for more details refer to the official blog for lsblogs
Transfered over to a new host, all seems to have gone well, but if you notice any problems please let me know in the forum. I have more control on this hosting, so it should make things a lot easier. If there are problems, then I can switch back to the original host quite easily.
After seeing an advert on lsblogs for a toolbar creator, I decided to type in the url on the ad, and try it out. The result is lsblogs second toolbar, the alexa one is still available, but this new one offers many more features. You can search the web from it, and search LS Blogs, as well as view blogs by category and country from simple drop down menus. It offers a pop up blocker, tools to clear your cache, history etc and even displays the news! Many more features are in the pipeline, I am working on them at the moment, and once the toolbar is installed on your computer, I can send a message to the toolbar to tell you a update is available. Updating is easy, just select refresh toolbar from the toolbar itself! More good news - this works on I.E AND FIREFOX! You can download it by clicking on the banner in the footer of most pages on LS Blogs.
LS Blogs is now a member of the ISEDN (the Independant Search Engine and Directory Network) This will help to bring more exposure to the sites listed here, and offers a great way to advertise sites on the large network of search engines and directories that make up the ISEDN. I have also redesigned the front page, its on going, as I am getting to grips with CSS still.
Removed the chikita ads from the newest blogs page, as they proved to be a waste of bandwidth, almost no one was interested so pointless having them on.
Fixed a few CSS issues for FireFox users, not perfect yet, but a lot better than it was.
Trying out Chikita ads, will see how they go. If they dont bring in any revenue worth the space, then they will be removed.
The category listings now allow you to sort them by a range of criteria, i.e Sort by
  • Title
  • Order Submitted
  • Update frequency
  • Description
  • URL

Newly added blogs are now automatically added directly into google-base. A "Newly added in lsblogs" category in Googles new 'google base' site will show newly added blogs. This is a new feature, and still undergoing tweaks, but the first ones are already showing in the search results. This will provide more exposure for your blogs, and you dont have to do anything, its done for you! I am currently preparing to upload previously submitted sites, so everyone gets in, not just the latest blogs. These will come online over the next few days or so, as time permits, and as I finalise the upload categorisation.
Added the facility to enter your email address and have your login details emailed to you if you have forgotten your login details. This is available here
Users can now log in! (its in beta test, so please leave any bug reports in the forum)
If you have difficulty logging in, please read the announcement in the forum
You can finally edit your account details now! BOOKMARKS
You can (if logged in) bookmark your favourite entries in LS BLogs, and you can also view the list of your bookmarks, and re-arrange their order (so your favourite blogs are at the top of the list), simply by dragging and dropping them! This is in beta, if you have any queries, or problems, please leave them in the forum. The bookmarks will be linked to many new features soon.
Just added a forum to the site, this is BRAND new so no posts yet, why not register with the forum and be one of the first few posters!

I will in time try to integrate the forum membership with the lsblogs signups, and email all previous signups who consented to emails, to let them know about the forum, so expect it to grow quite useful in time!

Coming soon, a small amount of extra history for blogs submitted fairly recently (and all blogs in the future). The more details page will show when the blog was actually submitted by a user, when it was accepted, and if it has been moved into a more appropriate category before acceptance.
Updated the more details page again, so sponsored ads are shown if a feed is not known for the blog in question. If a feed is known, then the posts that have been retrieved, index then archived will be shown instead of the ad. The ads help keep lsblogs running. As much as I would like a ad-free site, I need to fund it somehow, so I try to make sure only good, useful ads are shown. Hopefully they will be of use to some readers, if they annoy you, just ignore them.
Updated the "more details" page for each blog to show which category it was listed in. You can now go directly to that category to see similar blogs from that page. At the same time, in the hope of reducing the number of blogs submitted into incorrect categories, I added a "add url" feature to the more details page for blogs.

So if you see a blog similar to yours, and the category looks right, then you can add it right there and then. Lets hope it reduces the amount of people who submit there personal blog into the blog search engine category or blog tool section>

It only takes a moment to find a suitable category, and most people can do it. At present I usually let them in, but manually move them to the right category, but submitting to the wrong category will reduce your chances of acceptance if I am busy!

LS Blogs has its first volunteer site checker, Jonathon, a member on the cre8asite forum has been asking to help out for a long time now, and I have finally got around to being in a position where I can accept the generous offer!

Lots of new categories have been added, and I have manually moved some blogs into many of them, this should make the directory more useful and easier to browse, and provide more choice for newly submitted blogs. If your blog is has been moved into a category you do not feel is suitable (for example, listed in the wrong religious category) then you can email me at support AT lsblogs.com with details, and if I agree I can move it somewhere else. Not all blogs have been moved, its a ongoing process, so please be patient.

I am in the process of weeding out as many dead / missing / fake blogs as possible, Its taking time, but I have managed to delete quite a lot of blogs that are no longer available, or have been changed into another type of site.

Currently in the process of updating all the screen shots, I can only manage so many per day, as it does take a lot of time, so please be patient. You may notice screenshots going missing for a short period of time, dont worry this is normal, as the screen shot needs to be deleted so the system will automatically fetch a updated one.

The category counts are now accurate, as they were getting slightly out of hand, I decided to write a routine to just count them up and correct them. So some categories may show a lower number, some higher!

I have temporarily removed the blog, as I didnt get around to updating it very often, and it was used mainly by spamming gambling sites to promote their dubious sites. For now I will continue to put site news here on this page.

I have had offers from people offering to help with the blog on lsblogs, and some offers for helping out with the rest of the site, I will be able to respond to those offers in more detail soon, so if anyone is still interested get back in touch in about a month or so, as I should have completed a lot of back end work that would be required for additional people to help out.

Added "view more from this category" on the newest blogs page. So if you see an interesting blog about SEO for example, you can click to see the category it is listed in and look for other blogs similar.

New! Now you can purchase HOSTING and Domains, and much more from LS Blogs.com We have many different hosting plans available at great prices, so if you need somewhere to host your blog, or just want a new domain name - or if you need both, then click here

Why put up with a standard generic address, when you could have your own domain, and your own webspace? Sign up now, and enjoy your own domain and webspace.

Random posts page has been added, its random, and displays a selection of posts we have retreived from submitted blogs. Due to its randomness, its not recommended for children, people easily offended, or the workplace as people can blog about anything! Its handy for seeing what people are blogging about, and each time the page loads, it shows different posts from the previous time.

New improved search! Now you can also search the latest posts that we know about, so you can search for all the latest happenings and blog news that is going on. This search is still very much in beta, but we think you may like it!

LATEST POSTS NOW SHOWN!!! Thats right, people can now see just enough of a post to let them decide if they want to read more by visiting your blog.

Note - posts are only retrieved from sites that have a known feed. If a feed was not submitted when the site was listed, no posts are shown. We may improve on this in the near future.

Posts are retrieved by us automatically, and we update them at least once a day (new feature, as usual, feel free to report any problems on our blog)

If you did not add a site feed when you listed your blog, and would like to add one, just email us at addfeed@lsblogs.com (include the url to your blog, as listed on lsblogs, and the full url to your feed, also if you have registered with us, include your site number and login name)

Now sites that are listed on lsblogs can benefit from our *NEW* blog info tool.
This tool can be found in the [more details] page for any site.
Use this tool to

This tool is brand new, so give it a go, and let me know what you think by leaving a message in my blog. If you like it, please blog about it, and help to spread the word. If you want to try it on your own blog - then just submit your blog to lsblogs and when it is listed, you will be able to!

Google search has now been added on the search results page, so if you search for something, and its not in LS Blogs then you can just hit that google button and see what it brings up. After searching, to return to LS Blogs main site, just click our logo on the top of the google search results. Dont forget, if you search and find your blog is not listed, then why not list it! It is free ;)

Thumbnails have now been enabled on the search results pages, previously they were only avaiable in the directory listings, and on the newest addtions page.

The more details page has been improved, it now shows the thumbnail, within a monitor, useless, but I thought it looked nice :) Also, many, but not all sites will now show other related sites of interest.

Download the LS Blogs toolbar, its free!