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Just a note

To let you know we are in the process of a rolling update of screenshots - this means that from time to time a small number of blogs will have missing screenshots for a while.

This is part of our aim to keep the directory fresh and upto date, the screenshots will reappear once they have been recreated and checked.
At the same time, we also take the opportunity to check each blog - which is why it takes some time for the screenshots to re-appear.

The cleanup is also still going strong, with around 3.5 thousand sites deleted, but we are still adding new ones into the directory - and we have a very large queue so plenty of blogs waiting for approval!

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A few improvements have been made behind the scenes in order to speed the site up.
These should result in a smoother experience for users, we are also currently investigating a few more speed ups for future developments.

As part of the cleanup, we are also manually and algorithmically correcting/adding feeds where they are missing or incorrect.
The site now has many more blogs with indexed feeds, and the process is ongoing.

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Notes, and tips.

The cleanup is going well, with over 2.5 thousand blogs removed from the directory, resulting in a much cleaner and far more useful site.

As well as removing any dead/spammy/parked blogs that are currently listed, we are working through the submission queue doing the same.

When you submit a blog, or blogs, can you please ensure you read the submission guidelines first and ensure you select the correct category.
The number of submitters that are not selecting a suitable category, and simply choosing blog directories as the category is amazing.
Please don’t, it wastes time for us, and delays acceptance for other people.
It also reduces the chance of your blog being accepted, and if it still is accepted, it will likely be moved into a ‘by name’ category rather than a more suitable one.

Keep submitting, please remember though waiting time is currently very long, due to the sheer number of blogs in the queue - but you will be reviewed in time.

November 15, 2013   No Comments

Directory Clean up.

Over time, many blogs go dead for one reason or another, we are currently undergoing a mass trawl of the directory to remove blogs
that are no longer suitable.

We will remove any we find that are

  • Parked
  • Have no posts
  • Are suspended by the host
  • Have been down for an extended period
  • Are spam
  • Have been removed
  • and so on.

    Obviously it is a mammoth task, and an ongoing one, so we are trying to automate as much of the process as possible,
    but before removal, each blog that is flagged for removal is checked by hand.

    This should result in a much cleaner directory, with fewer dead/incorrect links.

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    Queue Status.

    Sorry for the delay in blog acceptance, its likely there will be a long wait for blogs in the submission queue.

    This is due to the overwhelming number of submissions, there are currently around a quarter of a million blogs in the queue.

    We are doing all we can to process the blogs as fast as possible.

    Thank you for your patience, and keep submitting, your blog will be viewed in time.

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    Move to better hosting.

    After the ongoing trouble with the VPS and disk space, we have moved over to a dedicated server.

    The move has just been completed, there may be teething troubles so please let us know if you have any problems, we will be testing things to see how the move went, and fixing any issues as we find them.

    July 5, 2008   No Comments

    Submissions back online now.

    Submissions are now back on line as normal.

    The server move has *not* taken place yet, despite it being supposed to occur sometime yesterday. Stayed up all night into the early hours of the morning, for nothing…

    Sent them a email, asking what is going on, but no reply as yet…

    They probably dont have anyone working their at the weekend that can answer the question properly.. although they say the support is open 24/7..

    All I want is what I paid for… Godaddy, are you listening?

    March 1, 2008   No Comments

    Server move..

    We should be moving to a new server shortly, so blog submissions are on a temporary hold, until the move is complete, to avoid any difficulties with the move.

    This is only a temporary measure to ensure no submissions are lost during the move.

    Once we are on the new server, submissions will be re-activated.

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    More blogs with feeds being indexed.

    A move to add the available feeds from blogs that are listed in the blog directory is now completed.

    All blogs that we found a feed for have had the feed added to the more details page, and the posts from those feeds are now being read and included in our search results.

    A small number of them will have problems, where we cant read them, but we will be sorting those out in due course where we can.

    This move, which has resulted in over 1500 feeds being added has substantially increased the visibility of those blogs which previously did not have their feed indexed. It has also improved the directory as more blogs have more details available for users to view.

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    Another new category. Law Blogs.

    As many of the categories are growing quite large, futher categorisation is required.

    Today, a new category, Law, Legal and Lawyer Blogs has been introduced.

    As we already had many blogs that fitted this category, the process of moving them into the category has begun, with a couple of pages worth of blogs already moved.

    Over the next few days, other blogs that are already listed that fit this category will be moved where appropriate.

    Submissions for blogs covering the law, legal issues, or from law firms, lawyers etc can now be submitted to this category, instead of less suitable categories such as reference or business.

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