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Notes about Alexa Traffic ratings / ranking

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Free LS Blogs Alexa Toolbar Download (Windows / Internet explorer only)

Alexa traffic stats are based upon the pages visisted by people surfing with the Alexa Toolbar installed. Whilst they can be useful statistics, you must remember that they are only based on the number of visitors with the toolbar installed. If someone visits you without the toolbar running, then Alexa will never know, and your stats will not go up.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Alexa toolbar, it is a very small application that installs and runs in Internet explorer (sadly not opera or other browsers yet). It has quite a few handy features including seeing your alexa rating, a popup blocker and related sites list.

If you want to download a LS Blogs Alexa toolbar, to stop popups, and see related sites, check rankings then you can do so by clicking here.

One thing to note, is if you are using a blogging tool such as blogger, then if you have your blog on the standard blogspot site, Alexa seems to lump all the blogs together, so your traffic rank looks brilliant - whereas in reality its showing the rank for all blogger blogs hosted on blogspot.

Also, dont worry too much if Alexa says your site is slow, as its rating system for speed is very harsh, and it tends to classify a lot of sites, especially any with graphics, or lots of content as slow. (it tells you the average load time for your site, thats the best yard-stick to go by, if the loadtime is too long, you may have a problem.)

And finally, Alexa rankings and stats are based on a 3 Month period, so dont worry if stats are not showing up, as it takes time. The first time you visit Alexa should start the ball rolling ;) as far as it counting stats goes.

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