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Category — Techy

Creator of Python (the language) hired by google.

Found this posted at the searchenginewatch blog (details here)

(yes, the spelling mistake is intentional, its how it was posted)

Google Recruits Creator of Pyhton

+ Dirson,
posts about another successful recruitment of progammer by Google. It
appears that Guido van Rossum, the creator of the Python programming
language, is now a Google employee.

Python is not a language I have used yet, but it has a active following, and getting the creator of a programming language on your team is always a handy achievement. Wonder if google will suddenly start providing a lot of new support for python now?

Also, if you like reading blogs from google employees, then that same post has interesting news about blogs by googlers.

Google employee’s are just people like the rest of us, but they do work for google, which has a lot of power on the internet, so you never know what interesting hints and tips you may gleen from their blogs.

December 28, 2005   No Comments