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About LSBlogs own blog.

This blog is used to publish news about the LS Blogs directory and search engine.

From time to time, it will also cover topics related to the blogosphere, and sometimes, unrelated topics also.

What is LS Blogs?

LSBlogs is a Blog Search Engine and Blog Directory, that lists blogs from around the world.

As well as listing blogs, we also list other useful resources for bloggers, such as blog tool, templates and platforms.

In addition to all that, we also list many other blog directories, so you can browse for even more blogs and resources.

Submission is free, but not all submissions are accepted - sites and blogs must meet the submission guidelines, and be suitable for inclusion in the directory.

We index posts from the blogs, where possible to provide our search engine with more details to search on.

Spam is kept at a minimum by a process of manual approval in the first instance, and manual inspection / random checks / automated tools / user feedback to check up on blogs already listed.