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Merry Christmas!

LSBlogs would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

December 24, 2007   No Comments


Happy new year everyone, hope 2006 goes well for you all,

Thanks to everyone who helped make LS Blogs what it is today, good luck with your blogging, and dont get to drunk - those hangovers can be horrific :)

Best wishes


January 1, 2006   No Comments

Its Snowing!

Its not technically a White Christmas for LS Blogs, as it didn’t snow on Christmas day, but its snowing now! Apologies for the poor picture, but I have been up all night, and didnt fancy venturing too far to grab a quick picture of the snow.

Also, my camera is not exactly waterproof (or snowproof for that matter)

December 28, 2005   No Comments