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The move to the new server has gone well,  the site is running a lot faster now :)

Today, I updated the server with newer versions of apache, mysql and php, the upgrade went smoothly, but there are a few teething problems.

One of those is the search facility, its not showing any results, I am going to look into it later today, as it looks like I need to tweak a couple of things for use with the newer version of php.

As for blogs, I have got the queue down by a few hundred blogs (still over 9.5 thousand to go!) and also managed to weed out rather a lot of ‘dead’ blogs.

I will continue to weed out blogs that have died, or are redirecting to non-blog sites in order to keep the listings as useful and accurate as possible.

My first priority in the short term is to sort out any teething problems with the latest update, then its back to getting that queue down!

Thanks for your patience!