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Aghh - Another monitor on its last legs.

I dont have much luck with monitors, some people can keep one for years without any problems, but not me. My monitor is playing up badly, at first it was not to bad, just going a odd shade of yellow from time to time - but now the picture keeps shrinking and stretching at random.

monitor faulty

A good thump seems to bring it back to normal, but past experience tells me that it wont be that way forever, and sooner or later thumping will not work.

I do have a backup monitor, but dont fancy dragging it out of the attic, nor using it, I have become quite used to a 19″ screen, and going back to a tiny one isn’t my idea of fun.

Guess a new monitor is on the shopping list (or a really good second hand one :) )

Meanwhile, back to blogs - I have deleted quite a lot of blogs from LS Blogs today, lots of expired domains and blogs that for some reason had all posts removed. I know deleting entries like this on a regular basis means I wont have “impressive” numbers of blogs listed, but at least the ones that are listed are not mainly dead ones, which is more important than pure numbers in my opinion.


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