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Upgrades to the site….

After a nice suprise with Adsense today, I have decided to buy some more memory for our PC’s soon. The nice suprise came about when one of the people that had signed up to adsense using LS Blogs earned their first 100 dollars.

When that happens, google pays the referrer a nice bonus, and thats what I will be using to purchase some more ram with.

If you dont know what adsense is, then where have you been for the last few years!

Adsense is a service, provided by google that lets people place advertisements on their sites or blogs, and its loved by many bloggers, but its also disliked by many others who do not like adverts.

If you are not using it, then it wont hurt to give it a shot, as it is free, the worst that I can imagine happening is people saying hey we dont like those ads! In which case, you can always take it off, but when its on you can sit back and hope for some earnings from google.

It wont make you rich, unless you have a incredibly well trafficked blog, and I do mean well trafficked, and the content of your blog will make a difference to, as the ads are contextual.

This means that the ads are based upon the content on your blog, so as you can imagine some topics attract higher amounts of competition than others (more competition = more people bidding for the ad, which means more money for the publisher)

If you were to sign up, I would suggest reading the help that google provides, as they have some good tips on how to place the adverts, and how to make the most of the service.

Most important of all - do not try to cheat the service

I will repeat that one again

Most important of all - do not try to cheat the service

as if you do, when you are caught, and you will be, you will lose out on the chance to participate in the service again, and you can kiss goodbye to those ill-gotten gains.

Google has been around long enough to be able to tell if you and your friends are going click mad to earn money, its easy to spot, and they will boot you when the spot it. So dont do it!

Google adsense is best thought of as a bonus, if you make anything from it, then great, go and treat yourself, if it takes a long time for the treat to arrive, then so what, its still a free treat at the end of the day.

Serious bloggers with a lot of traffic could earn more, and faster, the only way to find out if it is for you is to try it.

Getting back to the memory, once I have that, I will be able to tweak lsblogs even more, as at present my pc cant really cope with the demands I am placing on it, and its slowing down my development cycle.

In time, I will get around to getting the bits needed to complete another spare pc, which I will use solely for background tasks needed to keep lsblogs ticking over, which should make the site run a lot smoother.


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