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Small Screenshot picture of The Slimming Pool - Weight Loss Myths Exposed
The Slimming Pool exposing weight loss and dieting myths with EFT and NLP suggestions for permanent weight loss

Small Screenshot picture of Be Well - Attract the Body You Want
Using the principles of Law of Attraction to create the body you want - healthy, lean and strong.

Small Screenshot picture of mypetfat
an interesting exploration into the connection between thinking and eating, something we like to call "fat, it's all in your head"

Small Screenshot picture of NetSweat Fitness Blog
A fitness blog providing practical fitness advice, weight loss information, & a little bit of news about NetSweat.

Small Screenshot picture of I Love Diet Soda
One woman’s misadventures in life through her love of diet drinks. While transitioning into the real world, she distracts herself with diet soda news, nutrition and information.

Small Screenshot picture of Would I? Could I loose some weight?
One woman gets tired of being fat and decides to do something about it!

Small Screenshot picture of Nutrition and Diet
articles about diets, vitamins, general nutrition, occular nutrition

Small Screenshot picture of Green Tea Health Benefits Blog
Green tea weight loss, health benefits and the latest research and preparation info. Also what's new at greentealovers.

Small Screenshot picture of Mäni's Blog Café
Your Café on the Web for current information about delicious, healthier versions of traditional foods for the health conscious connoisseur. Brought to you by Mani's Bakery Café on Fairfax in L.A.

Small Screenshot picture of Livin' La Vida Low-Carb
Jimmy Moore is a 180-pound weight loss success who willingly shares encouragement and insight about the low-carb lifestyle on a daily basis.

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