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Small Screenshot picture of modern problems, by the guy against society
modern problems by The guy against society, hand picked the issues that makes me stressed daily. office, house, cubicle, shopping, home improving life, parenting, parents, uncomfortable situations.

Small Screenshot picture of Avant News
Satirical news site featuring political, social and technological commentary in the form of humorous news reports transmitted from an indeterminate future.

Small Screenshot picture of Popcorn & People - Humorous but TRUE stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!
Actual real life stories of interactions with ordinary people every day in Northern California, in movie review format. Stage names are used, but the stories are true!

Small Screenshot picture of The Shopping List Compendium and Collection
A collection of over 200 abandoned shopping lists and grocery lists, each with funny comments about the list and the person who wrote it.

Small Screenshot picture of Maximum Awesome
A humble contribution to the field of American letters, Maximum Awesome is a magazine, serving up humor, relationship & sex advice, ethics, movie commentary and Twinkies.

Small Screenshot picture of Because I Said
Not a Stupid Woman. Talking about life, the way we want it to be, the way it really is. Reality is usually a slap in the face, do we feel it, or turn our head? It's hard to be a grown-up.

Small Screenshot picture of Lost Luggage
Wry & Zany commentary on films, neocons, items in the news, or just made-up stuff

Small Screenshot picture of The Assimilated Negro
What's black and white and read all over? The Assimilated Negro Dot Com!

Small Screenshot picture of From My French Window
Personal journal of an American living in Strasbourg France with french husband and four children

Small Screenshot picture of The Girl Behind
Lighthearted personal blog from a mid-thirties English girl

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