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Small Screenshot picture of Read on this book
Bespreking van gelezen boeken, en andere informatie voor verwoede lezers.

Small Screenshot picture of Random Meanderings
An open journal mixed with writings, photos, links, ramblings, and plenty of sarcasm. Share the angst of a West Coast lesbian attending school in WV.

Small Screenshot picture of The Rooftop Blog
Exploring the news and interplay of the Four Estates--family, church, government, and the media--and the moral imagination of a culture informed by the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Small Screenshot picture of Random Musings
Random Musings of an Indian IT Project Manager - Rants on everything under the sky

Small Screenshot picture of Rants from the Alright Guys
A collection of rants, musings, reviews, and humor on whatever the fuck we feel like writing about. All brought to your viewing pleasure from that elusive organization known only as the Alright Guys.

Small Screenshot picture of The Real Estate Blog
Real estate happenings - prices - trends - and notes of interest. A real estate weblog.

Small Screenshot picture of reappropriate
Asian American politics, feminsm, and current events, as well as the whimsical musings of day-to-day activities.

Small Screenshot picture of Reflections from Kay
A blog dedicated to general news, tech news and amusing stories

Small Screenshot picture of Résidence Les Marronniers Provence Blog
The Résidence Les Marronniers Provence Blog offers a unique blend of news from the Provence-Côte d'Azur region.

Small Screenshot picture of rebelcounty news from home and abroad
rebel county news and information. Exciting updates from ireland and the rebel county cork ireland

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