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Small Screenshot picture of Mike Durrett: CONFIDENTIAL
Mike Durrett is the About Guide to Humor where he writes about comedy - Here Humor Boy writes about everything else

Small Screenshot picture of mindless drivel
observations from a guy in Texas with too much free time

Small Screenshot picture of My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma
All the weird, funny, not-so-funny, serious, downright ridiculous things in my life I always wanted to talk about (but was too afraid to ask)

Small Screenshot picture of Maximizing Your Potential
This is where to come if you're looking for articles, Tips, Special Reports, webinar information and interactive commentary on management, marketing, parenting, and self-development resources.

Small Screenshot picture of Mustered Musings
Musings of an amateur blogger, an experienced IT professional from India, currently working in Nigeria.

Small Screenshot picture of More About Movies
Interviews, columns, and more about movies from Nell Minow, movie critic for Yahoo and radio stations across the US and author of the

Small Screenshot picture of
Technology blog featuring hacks, tips, tutorials, reviews and tricks for your iPod and Palm Pilot.

Small Screenshot picture of Metaphors For Life -- and Living.
Life, relationships, politics, religion, polarities, transcendence, finances, harmony (inner and outer), science, mysticism, pragmatism -- it's all about what you think, and how you choose.

Small Screenshot picture of Mind Blogging!
I started my blog with the intent to just write about marinades and how to marinate. Of course, I got off track and into other areas, but, I still have the Marinating Tips post in there somewhere.

Small Screenshot picture of The Mini Cooper
An obsessive new father comes to terms with his photo addiction.

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