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Small Screenshot picture of Basically Bored and Love Lorn
Basically bored Malaysian boy who blogs about his boring life with a healthy dose of innuendo. Sometimes this love lorn lad cuts it out as a cynical critic of the government of the day.

Small Screenshot picture of jiggsblog
satire, observation, potty humor, and outright lies

Small Screenshot picture of Anthony King: Lunch Truck
Lite and funny fare that tastes good, tides you over till dinner, but won't make you think too hard.

Small Screenshot picture of Red Nose Net
Bringing the spirit of the UK's Red Nose Day to the Net for a good cause.

Small Screenshot picture of Sinner of the Day
Sinner of the Day--celebrating sinners, the more unabashed the better, who bravely row against the current of religious tyranny

Small Screenshot picture of Musings of a chick
Humorous blog where I point out inconsistencies in celebrities, and rejoice in the weird.

Small Screenshot picture of
Humor and comedy news, TV shows, DVDs, upcoming comedian appearances and more!

Small Screenshot picture of No way is that a real word
Online dictionary of nonsensical words or combinations of words heard on the job at a major corporate entity. The very nature of this site leaves spell checking rather counter productive so if you see

Small Screenshot picture of Literitus
Take a pound of flesh, but spill not a drop of blood? The nonsense that is my life. Revenge and spite, only to die. Mercy, only to become a beggar. What a cruel that has cute bunnies!

Small Screenshot picture of Marcel and French Frie
Marcel a always live-in-France guy discovers USA with his best friend a French Frie. Satirical cartoon, written by Arthur Wneir and Drawn by Patrick Morin.

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